Turn your Yureka into YuFox



Smart has never been so simple

The concept of the app is quite simple, set it as your default launcher and you will see an almost full Firefox OS experience, including: launcher, notification drawer, lock screen and settings. It doesn’t completely replace your ROM, but if you were considering buying a phone with Firefox OS or making the switch this is a good way to find out what to expect.

What is b2gdroid?

b2gdroid is an experiment that let you use Gaia (the user interface of FirefoxOS) on your Android device, as an alternative homescreen.

Installation guide:

This build is an ARM build. It will not work on x86 devices

  • Enable 3rd party applications on your device.
  • Install b2gdroid.
  • Hit the “Home” key and switch to “Firefox OS”
  • thats it , now u have firefox os on your phone.
  • Here are some screen shots: