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OnePlus Two
OnePlus Two

Smartphone newcomer OnePlus has a new phone in the works, which is being referred to as the OnePlus Two. First discussed in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) Reddit session, the OnePlus Two is likely to remain good value for money while still offering high-end specifications.

The company has also hinted at the possibility of a wearable device being released in the near future, and new reports are talking about a OnePlus One Lite smartphone. We’ve put together everything we know so far about OnePlus’ plans into this handy roundup post.


OnePlus Two pricing rumored to be more competitive than previously thought

Reports out of China say the OnePlus Two will be priced at 2,000 Yuan ($322), which is slightly more than the OnePlus One’s original launch price of $300. We are taking this one with a grain of salt, since OnePlus CEO Pete Lau posted on the social network Weibo, that 2,500 Yaun or $400 would be a “reasonable” price for the phone. Of course, there is a chance that Lau was aiming high in order to shock us when the phone does get announced.

The main attraction of the OnePlus One was its incredibly low price paired with high-end hardware. The Chinese company priced its phone so low that it barely made any profit off the sales. A source to Buiseness insider that OnePlus will sell the Two for much less than the standard $500-and-up price tag of your average high-end smartphone. No specific number was mentioned. Although the specifications have yet to be officially announced, those familiar with OnePlus’ plans say the hardware on the Two will be high-end and powerful.

OnePlus Two could be announced in July

We have to be pretty close to the OnePlus Two launch, now that the OnePlus One has been reduced to $250 and a pair of contests awarding fans a chance to see the unveiling of the new phone kicked off earlier this week. Reports out of China indicate that OnePlus will host a press event in July, but unfortunately the exact date wasn’t specified.



In late May, OnePlus invited its fans to check out its upcoming June 1 event in a very revealing Google+ post. The invite said, “We’re always looking for ways to shake up the tech industry. And we think it’s time for a change. Find out more June 1.”


We expected OnePlus to announce the OnePlus Two on June 1 based on the above image, but what we got instead was a series of One plus one flash sales from June 1 through June 7, in which the starting price dropped to $250.

Earlier on, OnePlus held a special event on April 20 2015, but didn’t reveal the OnePlus Two, or the OnePlus One Lite there either. Instead, the invitation system to buy the OnePlus One was dropped entirely. However, the company took the opportunity to inform us it would be back for the OnePlus Two.

When OnePlus first confirmed the existence of the OnePlus Two, the company stated that the Two will launch between April and September of 2015. Since then, OnePlus’ Carl Pei has continued to place the release date in that large timeframe, without specifying an exact date. In early December 2014, Pei told BGR India the handset will launch in either the second quarter or the third quarter of 2015, reiterating the vague window mentioned before.


Just how high-end will the specs be?

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told followers on the Weibo social network the OnePlus Two will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, just like the LG G Flex2 and the HTC One M9. In late May, a benchmark test was discovered showing a phone called the OnePlus One A2001 running exactly that chip. The octa-core processor was accompanied by 3GB of RAM, and the device used Android 5.1 as its operating system. The test was dated May 20. Prior to this, a rumor from reseller Coolicool claimed the Two would come with a Snapdragon 805, which seemed unlikely at the time.

Other specs revealed by Coolicool — so take them as you will — include a a 5.5-inch screen with an unspecified pixel resolution, 32GB of storage, a 3300mAh battery, as well as 16 and 5-megapixel cameras.  It pegged the OnePlus Two’s release for the third quarter of 2015, which is in line with OnePlus’ own enigmatic predictions, and had put a high $552 price estimate on the device.
Anonymous sources speaking to in January 2015 agree with the 5.5-inch screen size, and put the screen resolution at 2560 x 1440 pixels. The Snapdragon 810 may be joined by 4GB of RAM — which will see it compete with Xiaomi’s Mi Note Pro — and be powered by a 3300mAh battery. The January report suggested the price would be 2700 yuan, or about $435.

Unique design will be customizable

OnePlus’ first smartphone wowed tech fans with its unique design and original style. It seems that OnePlus is continuing on that path with the Two, as a report from Business Insider states the company’s next handset will be even more customizable. The first time around, OnePlus offered limited numbers of special StyleSwap backs for the One, including the very popular and extremely elusive bamboo back. Those who manage to get their hands on a OnePlus Two will have even more color and material options.

The OnePlus Two may run OxygenOS

The first OnePlus smartphone runs CyanogenMod’s own custom ROM built upon Android and many expected that it would appear on the OnePlus Two as well. However, following CEO Peter Lau’s admissions to a Chinese publication regarding a home-grown custom ROM for the next phone, the company released OxygenOS.

OxygenOS is OnePlus’ own Android-based operating system, and was released at the beginning of April. It can be installed on the OnePlus One smartphone, and will most likely come pre-installed on the OnePlus Two.

Some more rumours:


What about the OnePlus One Lite?

According to an anonymous source speaking to DroidPile, the OnePlus One Lite will be an improved version of the OnePlus One, but not quite matching the specs of the OnePlus Two. This suggests the OnePlus Two may be more expensive than the OnePlus One, and the Lite may be the company’s budget model for 2015. Expect another invite-only system to be put in place for prospective buyers.


Is a OnePlus Watch in the works?

The company also addressed rumors that it’s working on a wearable device. “Re: wearables,” OnePlus wrote in response to a fan’s question about the new category. “Yes. Unsure if/when/how we’ll release it though.”