Secrets of ANDROID M

Android M is trending a topic in technews.Android M which is recently released in the recent Google I/O 2015 brings a bunch of features to the users.Android M developer preview is released for few nexus devices namely Nexus 6,Nexus 5 and Nexus 9.We can later discuss on how to flash latest Android M in these devices.Now let us jump into list of features included in this Android M Developer preview.

android m features, google i/0 2015
Android M features, Google I/O 2015.


  1. Doze:

    A new feature in Android M
    A new feature in Android M

    Doze is a deeper state of sleep, especially useful for Android devices like tablets that spend a lot of time laying idle on a table or night stand, only to be picked up at night. By hybernating apps and allowing only for alarms,calls and other priority notifications to stay awake, Android M with the feature of doze brings significant improvements to standby battery life, extending it up to twice on a Nexus 9 unit that Google tested.

    doze improved battery life of nexus 9 tremendously
    Doze improved battery life of Nexus 9 tremendously.

  2. Simplified volume controls:

    Simplified volume controls
    Simplified volume controls

    If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Google, however, did try to fix the non-broken volume controls in KitKat, and that resulted in an outcry from users frustrated with volume controls in Android 5 Lollipop. So, it was time to fix what has been fixed: volume controls are now again granular, with separate control for ringer volume, alarm volume, and media volume. Finally!

  3. Auto backup for apps(link for developers):

            The Android system in M will automatically make a full data backup and restore for apps. This is something that is done for apps targeting M by default, with no need for developers to code in anything. If users delete their Google accounts, their backup data is deleted as well. Automatic backups happen every 24 hours, when the device is idle, charging, AND connected to a Wi-Fi network. This way, when you upgrade to a new device, or wipe clean a device, you can restore easily and pain-free.This is a very important feature for those who have changing ROM or firmware as their fantasy.
  4. Fingerprint sensor support:

    Google now official support fingerprint scanner and is introduced in latest Android M
    Google now official support fingerprint scanner and is introduced in latest Android M

    Finally, Google is building a standard API for fingerprint support that – it seems – apps can make use of it and helps android app developers and phone manufacturers to give special support for fingerprint scanners, knowing that they are compatible with the new Android Pay NFC-based system.

  5. Easy word selection and floating clipboard toolbar:

    Android M easy word selection
    Android M easy word selection.

    Google now provides easy word selection which helps the users to look and feel better and improve the experience of every Android M user.Floating clipboard toolbar help users to do tasks like copy/cut text easily unlike previous versions of Android.

  6. Direct Share:


    Direct Share
    Direct Share.

    In the previous feature we have seen floating clipboard and now after selecting particular text we can directly share the text via email,whatsapp,facebook,twitter etc..this is a very interesting feature and saves a lot of time.

  7. App Indexing:

    android m app indexing
    Android M App indexing

    Android M brings you app indexing.The first thought that appear in our mind is “What is app indexing?”.
    I will explain in detail what is app indexing and what are its benefits.In the above screenshot of we have got a suggestion from Page to got to Resposado.But we dont know about it and here comes the trick, when we click on home google do a magic and makes a search on google about Resposado automatically and give you the result pretty interesting right?

  8. Contextual assist framework:

  9. Secure token storage APIs:

  10. Setup wizard: IMAP sign-in:

  11. App Standby:

  12. Flex storage:

  13. New app drawer:


    android m with new app drawerOne of the most immediately noticeable visual changes to Android M is the new app drawer. This now scrolls vertically instead of horizontally, and is held against a white background, rather than a muted shade of your homepage wallpaper. Across the top of the menu you will see your four most recently used apps, and down the left-hand side are the letters of the alphabet.

  14. Android M RAM manager:


    Google has introduced a new RAM manager to Android M with the aim of providing users with more accurate and comprehensible information regarding the maximum and average RAM usage of apps.

    The menu can be found in Settings > Apps > Options (three dots button) > Advanced > Memory. Though it’s a little hard to navigate to, the page offers a far clearer insight into app demands, and the overall effect they will have on your device.

    With a reading of an individual app’s RAM consumption, as well as how often it is running in the background, users will be able to better determine which apps should be removed in endless bid to increase device performance and battery life.

    Android M even includes a simple bar at the top of the page displaying the current performance status of a person’s handset; if it says “good performance”, you’re likely running an efficient set of apps.

  15. Themer:

    Android M Dark theme
    Android M Dark theme

    Buried within the Android M settings is a “Dark theme” option which transforms the menu background to a dark grey color rather than the normal pale shade. Currently this only affects the settings menu, not the app drawer, and its function is purely cosmetic. Still, it looks nice on our Nexus 6 and we hope it gets developed further.

                                      That’s all folks,we will be back with many interesting articles…

  • The features of Android m are remarkable and Google is working hard to improve android. Few features are awesome but some like app drawer is not worth the update. Looking forward for the release.