FAQ’s Mi3

FAQ's Mi3Today lets have a look at “FAQ’s Mi3” where we can cover alot of frequently asked questions regarding Mi3.If u have any other questions please comment,we are hear to help you out.


  1. Why my antutu score is low and how to increase it?
    Ans- Try benchmarking on performance mode with all other apps closed.Change mode under settings/battery..
  2. How to enable True Dual Boot?
    Ans- Use CWM TDB recovery and reboot into recovery and visit to ADVANCE/ENABLE True Dual Boot then choose it and select WIPE/MOVE DATA….
  3. How TBD(True Dual Boot) works?
    Ans- True Dual boot is a feature of Recovery by which you can install TWO ROMs at a same time which will share same data partition.
  4. What is the difference between Mi3 TD and Mi3 W?
    Ans- Mi3 W(Cancro) is Snapdragon version of Mi3 which is Indian version.Mi3 TD (picses) is Nvidia Tegra version which is not sold in India.So do not flash Mi3 TD stuffs on Mi3W by mistake.
  5. Does it have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection?And if then do i need screen protector?
    Ans- Xiaomi confirmed that Devices sold on First sale of Mi3 W in India have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection but they never confirmed after that.Earlier they said Mi3 comes with Two Types of protection- A)Corning Gorilla Glass 3 B) Dragon-trail .But i received on first sale and i can feel it have Corning Gorilla Glass 3.But from my opinion you should use screen protector even if there is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.
  6. CPU 8274AB or 8974 AC?
    Ans- Actually the processor is 8274AB.CPU Z identifies it wrong as these processors are too close and everything is same except LTE and some minor enhancements.
  7. Developers version and Stable Version Official Roms difference?
    Ans- There are two official builds of MIUI available for download: developers build, which is released every Friday, and the Stable build which is released when MIUI engineers agree it’s time!
  8. Getting error while updateing via OTA after downloading package.Or getting error for flashing packages by updater app
    Ans- Use CWM recovery to flash those packages or try renaming the desired packages to update.zip and flash.But better option is CWM.
  9. Forgot pattern lock!!!
    Ans- Use AROMA file manager and delet pass.key under data folder.
  10. Will Mi3 network work in US?
    Ans- Yes
  11. Will rooting Void warranty?
    Ans- No,rooting is allowed from Xiaomi.
  12. Why weak vibration?
    Ans- Tap Menu button then go to settings>sound and scroll down to vibrate on touch and enable it .There You will see an adjustable submenu with 3 options ::: Light/Medium/Strong.Choose the one you need.
  13. How to see developers option?
    Ans- Tap 10 times on build number under Setting>About phone.
  14. Gravity Box/Xposed Framework will work on MIUI?
    Ans- No gravity box will not work on miui as MIUI is highly customized rom.but there is alternative WSM TOOLS(google it)
  15. USB OTG not working!!!
    Ans- Check your usb drive is formatted under fat32 or not.Or use stick-mount app from play-store to mount NTFS file systems.
  16. ……more to come!!