How to Install and Play PC games on Android

How to Install and Play PC games on Android

Yep, we are telling you that it is possible to run Windows games on your Android device, so long as you have the correct tool and are willing to do some manual work. You’ll also need your original CD of the game, as you’ll be copying the information from it to your Android device’s flash storage in order to play.

Before we get right into it, keep in mind that there are some limitations implied, though we’ve had no problems with the games we’ve tried already — mostly isometric, 2D games like Heroes of Might & Magic, Age of Empires, and StarCraft. All of them ran just fine, but we suspect that complex 3D games will be a hit or miss. In any case, turn-by-turn and RTS games struck us as surprisingly well-suited for gaming on a mobile device — Heroes of Might & Magic, for example, has already grown on us! We can only imagine that the gameplay on a tablet will be even better, especially if you also have a stylus.
Enough talk, though. Here’s how to install and run original PC games on Android step-by-step:

1. Step #1


First thing you’ll have to do is get the proper tool to emulate your PC games — ExaGear Strategies. It’s available off the Google Play Store, and you can get it from HERE.

2. Step #2


Once ExaGear Strategies is installed, open the app. You’ll be met with a prompt outlining the steps to get a game working. Just tap on an empty space and it’ll disappear. Now connect your device to your computer, and you should find a new ‘ExaGear’ folder in within its storage.

3. Step #3


Now that ExaGear Strategies is installed, you’ll need to dig out your old game CDs collection and install a game you’d like to play on Android. For now, stick with 2D/isometric games, as these seem to run problem-free. Anyways, just install the game as you would normally. We chose Heroes of Might & Magic, and the default installation folder is C:/Program Files (x86)/3DO, where a Hereos3 folder will be created with all the files. Right click it and select copy (or select it and click CTRL + V).

4. Step #4


Next, navigate to the aforementioned ExaGear folder on your Android device, and paste the folder there. ‘Yes’ incoming prompts, as Android will not like .exe files unless forced to accept them. Selecting ‘Do this for all files’ will save you some time

5. Step #5


Since Heroes of Might & Magic requires its installation CD to be inside your CD-ROM while you play, and we obviously can’t do that on Android, we’ll have to copy the contents of the CD. Just go inside your CD (Right click + Explore/Open in new window to see the files), select everything, and copy it within the Heroes3 folder we just created inside the ExaGear folder on our Android device. Okay any overwrites and prompts, making sure everything is copied properly. Hard part’s over!

6. Step #6


It’s time to fire up the ExaGear Strategies app once again. This time, after loading for a while, you should get redirected to a menu like you see on your left, with the playable .exe singled out. Just tap on it!

7. Step #7


As soon as you tap on your game .exe file, you will be shown this prompt. It asks you to select your ‘controls’, buy them (monthly subscription), or test them out for a few days with a free trial. Before we go any further, it’s important to understand what ‘controls’ are in the context of ExaGear Strategies and why you may have to buy them after the trial’s over.Basically, there are two control kits available — Helium and Cuprum — and using either is dependent on the game you want to play. Helium, in this case, is better suited for Heroes of M&M, so we use that one.

8. Step #8

Understanding your control pack will help you get the most out of your time gaming. This particular screen tells you about the various gestures Helium supports.

9. Let’s game!

After okaying the last prompt, we’re finally transported to Heroes of Might & Magic’s main menu. It’s just like we remember it!

10. Age of Empires

Heck, even Age of Empires is no match for our new emulator. The game ran fluidly on our Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.1 and Galaxy S6 — after all, the minimum requirement was for your computer to have at least 16MB of RAM.
How things have changed, right?Enjoy!