Big update coming to Google Hangouts for Android

Looks like the big Hangouts overhaul everyone has been asking for is finally on the way. Thanks to Android Police, we have what appears to be a completely redesigned Hangouts for Android, not only making the app prettier to look at, but more functional overall. What currently feels really messy and unintuitive might finally turn out to be the messaging app Google has been trying to make all along. (more…)

Google Maps update lets you know if destination is closed

It’s Friday evening and you’re rushing out of work to a softball game. You need a glove, so you set Google Maps to find the nearest Sports Authority and you’re on your way. Suddenly you’re stuck in traffic, minutes away from the Sports Authority, wondering if you’re going to get there before the store closes. A Google Maps update, rolling out now, has you covered and will now tell you the hours of the location you’re traveling to. If it’s closed, you’ll know that ahead of time. (more…)

Secrets of ANDROID M

Android M is trending a topic in technews.Android M which is recently released in the recent Google I/O 2015 brings a bunch of features to the users.Android M developer preview is released for few nexus devices namely Nexus 6,Nexus 5 and Nexus 9.We can later discuss on how to flash latest Android M in these devices.Now let us jump into list of features included in this Android M Developer preview.


Cyanogen wants to steal google from android

CYANOGEN,a leading company recently in a meeting announced that they want to release an android os without google play services.We can expect a device rolling out with cm12 without google services in it.

“We’re attempting to take Android away from Google,” Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster said at an industry conference in January. To that end, Cyanogen is reportedly courting companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Yahoo to help build a version of Android that’s more accommodating to their services, and to those of other companies. The goal is to have a viable alternative to Google’s flavor of Android in the next three to five years.

Still, Cyanogen in its current form isn’t a threat to Google. The company still pre-loads Google’s services and app store on its phones, so the Cyanogen experience isn’t drastically different from Google’s stock version of Android. But with more scale, Cyanogen stands a better chance of being taken seriously when it does decide to break free.

They were also ready to provide their customized android ie., cyanogenmod on android wear devices.They entered india via Yu Tele Ventures a sub brand of Indias leading mobile phone company Micromax. At present Yu Yureka is the only phone running on official Cyanogen OS apart from One Plus One.They were looking to release the successor of Yu Yureka on the next month named as Project Caesar

In the recent years cyanogen became more powerful and popular and their eye is on google now.If this project is successful they are going to rule the next generation technology.