Xiaomi dropped the price of Mi4 as expected

The company via a tweet on Thursday confirmed an announcement due for Friday, saying, “We’re dropping some exciting news tomorrow noon,” accompanied by rather inappropriate image of pants dropping to the floor.

Xiaomi Teases 'Something's Dropping'
Xiaomi Teases ‘Something’s Dropping’

After this, Xiaomi announced a price drop on Xiaomi Mi4 by ₹4000 on 64Gb variant which is launched at ₹23000 and ₹2000 price drop on 16Gb variant.It also announced ₹5000 as an exchange offer.(Links are at the bottom of this article)

Mi4 price drop
Mi4 price drop

Xiaomi quotes ” #Mi4PriceDrop — Mi 4 has dropped — the price, that is. Our well-loved Mi 4 64GB is now Rs. 4,000 off. Available for Rs. 19,999, down from the original launch price of Rs. 23,999. Lower costs have enabled us to reduce the price of Mi 4 64GB, and this translates into savings that our Mi fans can enjoy. Check out flipkart.com/mi for exchange offers up to Rs. 5,000!” in social network.

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