Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is leaked with a display feature

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 leaked with a display

Recently Xiaomi announced that they shipped and sold more than 6 Million Mi bands in India.Now they are on the way for getting ready to introduce Xiaomi Mi band 2.The current Mi Band was released in July last year and Earlier today, a new leak  of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is leaked with a display feature.

As we can see from the leaked picture it will come with a touch display and this might be the major difference between Xiaomi Mi Band and Xiaomi Mi Band 2.With the help of these feature most of the things can be displayed in the display unlike Xiaomi Mi Band where we have to see all the stats and info in the provided application by Xiaomi.With tons of advantages with display there is a problem with battery as display consumes more battery and we cant expect 30days battery backup like Xiaomi Mi Band.

This is just leaked image yet we have wait for more official info on it. Xiaomi is also rumored to be working on smartwatch to give a tough competition for the present leading smart watch companies like Moto,Sony.